nadin-rath-2This is Nadin Rath, the founder of Tropix Technologies and I welcome you to our little world. Here’s a little bit about our two products. I urge you to visit the websites of the products and explore more


Math has been one of my favorite subjects from childhood. When my son started school and started developing resistance towards math, I started thinking…

I saw that kids who fall behind in school, usually continue to struggle with math because classroom education can’t really provide individual attention to the needs of each student. So, I developed Mathsense – a supplemental education tool that works with each student at the pace that he or she can work with. It’s designed to provide remedial tutorial and practice on topics that one would have failed to master in earlier classes, works in an iterative manner – ensuring students are exposed to the lessons at different points over a period of time, and guides the students to catch up and move ahead of traditional school curriculum. It’s NOT  a mere question bank of practice problems.


KustomerKonnect is a tool to interact with your website visitors and web customers. It’s an All-In-One toolset to run Surveys, Polls, Notifications, Feedback, Sweepstakes and Referral programs on your site. If you are a professional, blogger, e-commerce merchant or anyone with a website that has an audience, you need to use this.

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